VetPal Pet Boarding Agreement

It is hereby agreed as follows:
1. The Client understands and agrees that Vetpal Animal Care, its staff, contractors and agents shall not be liable for any losses, damages, injuries, expenses, liabilities and/or costs caused by the Client’s pet(s) during the Client’s pet(s) stay at Vetpal Pet Boarding facility.

2. The Client hereby confirms and warrants that he/she is the sole owner of the pet(s) or has the authority of the pet(s) owner to deal with Vetpal Animal Care, with respect to the pet and the Facility.

3. The Client hereby, without any qualification whatsoever, releases Vetpal Animal Care from all and/or any liability arising out of the Client’s pet(s) attendance at the Facility, and the Client further hereby irrevocably undertakes to indemnify and hold Vetpal Animal Care harmless from and against all and/or any damages, claims, suits, liabilities, penalties, actions, losses, expenses and/or costs which Vetpal Animal Care may have against the Client, become responsible for or incur as a consequence of the Client’s pet(s) attendance at the Facility.

4. The Client hereby certifies and/or warrants, without any qualifications whatsoever, that the Client’s pet(s) is/are in good health condition, free from parasites, duly vaccinated (DHPPL/RCP & R), and the pet(s) has/have not suffered from any communicable diseases, and that it has not been exposed to Rabies or Distemper in the past 30 days prior to checking-in at the Facility. In the event that the Client’s pet(s) is/are not well vaccinated or the requisite vaccinations have expired, the Client hereby irrevocably authorizes Vetpal Animal Care to vaccinate the Client’s pet(s) at the Client’s sole cost. The Client hereby further undertakes to furnish Vetpal Animal Care with a true copy of the pet(s) Vaccination Certificate (if any), immediately before executing this Agreement.

5. The Client hereby agrees that if the Client’s pet(s) becomes ill while it is at the Facility or if in the opinion of Vetpal Animal Care’s authorized staff, which opinion shall be conclusive, the state of the Client’s pet(s) health requires professional attention, the Client hereby irrevocably gives permission to Vetpal Animal Care, at its sole discretion and at the Client’s sole cost, to engage the services of a veterinarian. Vetpal Animal Care may notify the Client in case of such an event.

6. Whilst Vetpal Animal Care will take every reasonable precaution to take care of the Client’s pet(s), to the best of Vetpal Animal Care’s ability, the Client hereby recognizes that there are inherent risks of illness and/or injury when dealing with such animals. Similarly, the Client hereby understands that when pets play or are walking, they may sustain minor injuries such as nicks and scratches, and other risks including, but not limited to, kennel cough and problems resulting from pets ingesting food scraps or other materials found in or around the Facility. In which event Vetpal Animal Care may notify the Client of such injury, PROVIDED ALWAYS THAT Vetpal Animal Care will not be liable for such injuries.

7. Payment: Payment must be made in full by the Client to Vetpal Animal Care on or before the date the pet(s) is/are received at the facility, unless there has been prior written consent with Vetpal Animal Care. It is hereby agreed that Vetpal Animal Care shall be entitled to exercise
a lien over the Client’s pet(s) until all payments due to Vetpal Animal Care, from the Client, are fully settled by the Client.

8. In the event that the Client fails to collect his pet(s) on the scheduled date and time, Vetpal Animal Care may contact the Client for purposes of ascertaining the reason for delay. PROVIDED ALWAYS THAT the Client hereby agrees that in the event that he/she fails to collect his/her pet(s) within two (2) weeks from the scheduled date of collection with no successful communication, Vetpal Animal Care shall be entitled to deem the pet(s) as
abandoned, and Vetpal Animal Care shall be entitled, but not obliged, at its sole discretion to take any necessary steps or actions that it considers fit, including but not limited to rehoming of the pet(s) or euthanizing the pet(s).

9. The Client hereby certifies and confirms that he has carefully read and understood the policies of Vetpal Animal Care, as set forth in this Agreement, and that the Client, without any qualifications whatsoever, hereby accepts the terms and conditions in this Agreement.