This is one of the luckiest cats you will ever know about. He lived with a lovely mother, Monika in Gulu city. The bond between the two is for sure unbreakable. However, a time comes in life when we have to move to new destinations and adventures for whatever reasons; work, family, etc.

At Vetpal Animal care, we work tirelessly to keep the intimate bond with your fluffy family intact during this transition time.

For Carol’s case, we made it so smooth for Monika (the mother) to move with her fluffy baby right by her side all the time. Since this was a trip from Uganda to Europe, there was plenty of paperwork to compile, rabies titre test, etc.. Thank God for our widely growing network and connections, Carol’s titre test was performed in an EU approved laboratory and he passed the test with flying colors.

Lab Results were ready and out in just a few days. This was the foundation of this success. It gave all of us confidence that Carol would make it to German. As we talk now, he is already in German relaxed and enjoying his sleep right by the side of his loving mama and dreaming from Uganda.

This success gives so much satisfaction to our practice. We have overtime developed potentials, connections and networks that in the end benefit the Animal world and humanity at the same time. Everything is possible.

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