Dental care for Hershey

Dental Care
I met Hershey in Masaka a while ago. She always had this bad breathe and dirty teeth her family really wanted me to do something to help.
We always start with a conservative approach to issues of this nature. We started her on a natural dental cleaning program that involved big fresh cattle bones to chew on daily until we hopefully gotten an improvement.
She definitely picked up and improved greatly in a short time. All her teeth got very clean and white except the left cheek teeth. So, we opted for a more detailed dental examination and an intervention that involved dental scaling under general anesthesia.
Under general anesthesia, We were able to notice that her lower first molar was badly infected and unstable in the jaw bone with the surrounding stoft tissue equally affected. This must have been very painful/uncomfortable and not used for chewing anymore. It was obviously too late for the conservative approach to sort this. As a result, food residues continued to clog on the teeth of that whole region leading to more complications.
We cleaned all the teeth and extracted the bad tooth. It’s always best to extract a sick teeth than keeping it. Dogs surprisingly do very well even after a number of teeth are removed. Hershey is now doing very well. She’s happy with her white teeth and much better breathe.

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